Erasmus Courses

The School of Economics & Business of T.E.I. of Kavala, in accordance with the Erasmus Programme, offers a series of lectures in english for incoming foreign students. All courses and their responsible tutors are presented analytically in the table below.

Course Tutor e-mail
1 Basic Statistics for Business and Economics Professor Efstathios Dimitriadis
2 Business Strategy Assoc. Professor Georgios Theriou
3 Corporate Governance and Internal Audit Professor Athanasios Mandilas,
Dr Kyriakou Maria
4 Corporate Law Professor Kalliopi Kalampouka
5 Data Base and Data Mining Assoc. Professor Stavros Valsamidis
6 e-Business and Web Design Assoc. Professor Stavros Valsamidis
7 Financial Accounting Assist. Professor Dimitrios Kourtidis
8 Financial Management Assist. Professor Dimitrios Kourtidis
9 Financial Modelling Professor Dimitrios Maditinos
10 Greek Culture & Civilization Assoc. Professor Fotini Perdiki
11 Human Resources Management Assoc. Professor Georgios Theriou
12 Information Technology (IT) and Security Assoc. Professor Vasilios Mardiris
13 Innovation Management Professor Dimitrios Maditinos,
Assoc. Professor Georgios Theriou,
Professor Savvas Papagiannidis
14 Intercultural Communication (compulsory) Professor Dimitrios Maditinos
15 International Accounting Professor Athanasios Mandilas
16 International Teaching Week (compulsory) Professor Dimitrios Maditinos
17 Management Information Systems Assoc. Professor Stavros Valsamidis
18 Marketing Professor Eirini Kamenidou,
Dr Lampros Tsourgiannis
19 Modern Greek Language (compulsory) Assoc. Professor Fotini Perdiki
20 Research Methodology and Methods Professors Efstathios Dimitriadis,
Dimitrios Maditinos
21 SCM Professor Dimitrios Maditinos
22 Total Quality Management Professor Efstathios Dimitriadis

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